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1st April at 7pm Croydon Youth Theatre Organisation Oakley Rd, South Norwood, SE25 4XG Tic


As part of the National Theatre Connections Festival

Saturday 1st April 7:00PM at Theatre Peckham

A play about grief, masculinity, relationships and friendship. Elbow's best friend Hamster has died, suddenly, unexpectedly. So Elbow is now grieving... right? But what is grieving? How do you do it? And what happens if you get it wrong? On top of which, privately, Elbow is beginning to feel they weren’t even as close as everyone makes out. So it would be better if everyone just left Elbow alone – mum, dad, his stupid big brother Donut, but especially all those annoying kids at school pretending they really care... writing poems, singing songs and holding a vigil at Elbow and Hamster’s favourite meeting place. Who do they think they are? Come to think of it, who do any of us think we are... deep down? Elbow doesn’t know. Elbow just knows there’s a strange feeling inside, or the absence of a feeling, or the feeling of horrible, horrible nothingness - which can only be dealt with through anger. 


Content guidance:  

  • Play explores responses to the death of a friend of the lead character (unseen, offstage).  

  • Strong language.  

  • In a non-naturalistic scene, one character - who is the embodiment of part of the lead character's psyche - has their tongue ripped out. It is then reattached later in the play.

  • Suitable for ages 13+

  • Approximate running time: 60 minutes

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