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Whether you're looking for a theatre to host your production, a rehearsal room for Research & Development, or a dance studio for rehearsals or practice, we have a number of spaces available for hire. 

Please give us a call on 020 8655 1098 or complete our hire form for further details. 





The Shoestring Theatre

  • 72 seats

  • Ground floor level

  • Raked seating

  • Rehearsal area 8mx 8.5mx 5.8m high

  • Painted wood floor

  • Some dance flooring available.

  • Available for rehearsal or shows, with working lights 

  • A technician must also be hired for theatre use

Dance Studio

  • First floor – accessible by stairs and lift

  • 7.5m x 11m x 3.5m high

  • Laminate floor, mirrored wall, barre

  • Sound system available

  • Specific conditions apply to preserve the floor so not suitable for rehearsals with furniture/props or non-dance shoes

Green Room

  • Ground floor level but approached by 6 steps down

  • 7m x 11m clear space, x 3.5m high

  • Carpeted room 

Areas available for use with hires


Adjacent to Green Room but with additional separate access - shared with all users.

Hot and cold water.

Microwave, kettle, fridge and freezer

Miscellaneous mugs, jugs, plates, cutlery, etc.

Washing-up facilities


Ground floor level. 

Carpeted and partially furnished with chairs  

Area suitable for very small group work but it is on the route to the toilets.


Ground floor level, all accessed from the foyer. 

Men’s and Women’s and 1 Unisex with wheelchair access.


Main entrance 

Ground floor level. 

One step up or ramp to the door.


  • There is no sound insulation on the theatre windows and as we need to be considerate of all our neighbours we have a sound/music curfew of 11pm

  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises.

  • As we are a youth theatre, no alcohol is allowed on the premises. 
  • There is no on-site parking available in school hours, except for vehicles with disabled badges or a permit from CYTO.
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