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Tuesday and 

Kiss / Marry / Push off Cliff

a double bill of one act plays 

by Oasis Academy Shirley Park and CYTO

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TUESDAY, by Alison Carr

The play centres on an ordinary Tuesday that suddenly turns very weird indeed when a tear rips across the sky over the school yard. Not only that, but it starts sucking up pupils and staff while at the same time raining down a whole new set of people.  But then, that’s what happens when parallel worlds collide!

A group of friends go camping – but after only one night, one of them is ostracised by the rest of the group and cast out into wilderness for something they said...or was it something they did...? it’s strange and it’s about to get stranger as friendships are tested, new alliances formed, trusts are broken and reality is twisted out of shape...the trip becomes a rite of passage...guided by a moral compass, that isn’t entirely reliable. 


Recommended for ages: 14+

Content Warnings: Strong Language, Sexual references, Scenes of drug use and distribution, Scenes of alcoholism, and children drinking alcohol 


An awesome performance of science experiments

by Sublime Science

Banner - Excel Experiments.png

This project was planned by CYTO's Excel company which sees young people aged 12-19yrs

manage a £500 budget as they plan and deliver an event that benefits the community in some way

They've planned an exciting performance by Sublime Science, where you'll be wowed by 

explosive science experiments. 

Recommended for all ages.


ARCADIA: The Future is Now

Co-produced by Stanley Arts and Boundless Theatre. Creative partners include Birdgang, Croydon Youth Theatre Organisation, Croydon Youth Assembly and Syrus Consultancy.

Arcadia is a creative and interactive festival sparking conversation, the imagination and activism to ‘re-forest’ our minds and places. Stanley Arts will be taken over by young people’s responses to the climate and nature crisis as well as indoor and outdoor interventions that imagine ways of living together that are sustainable for people and the planet.


Arcadia imagines a future in harmony and balance with nature; a new golden age; a green paradise in the city for all to enjoy.


What would it take to make this future now?

Recommended for all ages.

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