Street Dance Classes

CYTO is running a programme of Street Dance classes at The Shoestring Theatre on Thursday evenings from 6-7pm for ages 13-18. 

No experience is required! Come along if you're an established CYTO member or have never been before! 

All that is required is a CYTO Membership: just £35 a term!

See you on 5th March! 

Join the CYTO Choir!

Fancy joining a choir? Singing in a variety of different styles? Add in some harmonies!

CYTO is launching Choir workshops from 4:45-5:45pm on Thursday afternoons! 

These begin on Thursday 5th March! 

Ages 10-18 can join in! All you need is a CYTO membership. 

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pop singing @ cYTO 

Fancy singing some of your favourite songs by current artists? This is the place for you! In addition to our Choir sessions, CYTO is offering 'Pop' singing workshops at the Shoestring Theatre.
For Ages 13-18 on a Wednesday night from 6-7pm.

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