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CYTO is all about producing good live theatre with young people from Croydon in a safe, inclusive   place where young  people enjoy chances to learn new things, meet new people and discover good things about themselves! Find out more about CYTO here

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CYTO 50th anniversary production 

Commissioned by CYTO from Richard Vincent, the production of ABI UNDERSTOOD will mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of CYTO. Directed by Richard Vincent and Viv Berry, performances are on Thursday - Sunday 3 - 6 December 2015. 

Abi Undersmith's Dad has gone.  He said he wanted to see the show she's in. He said he would come but time is running out. The show is on next week and he still hasn't collected his tickets.  So Abi sets off on a quest to find her Dad, a quest of truth and discovery, a quest that will eventually break her heart .... and mend it.

Performance times

Tickets are FREE thanks to funded from the Big Lottery Awards for All fund but you must reserve your ticket by emailing [email protected] Numbers are limited so don't delay! 



Please note that there is a special performance on 5 December at 6pm for ex-CYTO members only. Please contact [email protected] to enquire about tickets for this show.

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